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3 Things I Love about the One Kings Lane Website

I was asked recently to write a review highlighting the One Kings Lane website.
I’ve told you a little before about One Kings Lane. If you are unfamiliar with them, they are a website that offers flash sales daily, specializing in high-end furniture, decor, etc., at a discounted price. A few things that set them apart from the other “flash-sale” websites, is how theirs is set up, and the information and inspiration they offer the customer.
Here’s my love list:
 For instance, one of today’s sales is on sheepskin and hide rugs. I know if I’m not looking for a rug, I don’t have to look through all the rugs to find the one item I am looking for. But if I’m looking for a console table (which I happen to be), I see that there’s a sale going on under that specific category and I know to look there.
You find things here you don’t see everywhere else.
This includes everything you need to make your cupcakes look darling!
The One Kings Lane blog (linked from the home page) offers a lot of inspiration, but my favorite is the house tours. And what I really love, is they add shopping links to shop the rooms from the tours. The worst thing is finding a photo of a room that has exactly what you want, but you can’t find the item, or you have to hunt for hours to find it!
Isn’t this dining room AH-MAZING from this tour?! I love it…
And how incredible that the links are provided for the items/very similar items, and you could re-create this look in your own home!
My only problem with this website, is that I find I seriously need more pondering time and money. 😉 Head on over and be inspired.
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