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Wichita County Heritage Society Preservation Award

Hello friends! Wow, I logged in on WordPress and realized I haven’t updated the blog in 2 months! Goodness…

Anyhow, here I am to tell you something I’m so excited about! We got a congratulatory letter in the mail about a month ago announcing we had been selected to receive a Residential Preservation Award from our Heritage Society. The award (and I quote) is “in recognition of the successful effort to preserve a piece of Wichita County history through historic preservation”. Y’all, we were so shocked and grateful! This has made my year! 🙂

If you’ve followed my blog very long, you know I love history and I love old homes. So that means I love the history behind the old homes. Living in our home and restoring it has been a dream come true. And even though we have lived here 6 years now, we are still not finished with all we’d like to do. When time and money is not limitless, and you’re doing all the work yourselves, it takes a long time! And maybe it’s never really finished. I think there’s already things I’d like to “redo” from the first “redo”. Ha! But seriously, it’s a lot of hard work, and even though the biggest reward is getting to enjoy the home with our family, this recognition in our city is such an honor.

wichita county preservation award 2017 3

This past week, we attended a dinner where we received a glass brick as an award to display in our home. We also will have a sign in our yard in recognition of this award for one year, as well as a complimentary year-long membership to the Heritage Society. A big thanks goes out to our kind neighbor, John Stephens (who lives in an amazingly gorgeous home he and his late wife restored), for nominating us for this award! Thank you!

wichita county preservation award 2017

wichita county preservation award 2017 2

Here’s a couple pics from the dinner.

wichita county preservation award 2017 4

wichita county preservation award 2017 5

And just in case you needed a reminder of where we started, here’s how the house looked the day we closed 6 years ago!

our house first picture

And here’s how she looks today! We’ve done a little more to the exterior since the Heritage Society sneakily took that photo displayed at the dinner. Y’all, we FINALLY have some more shrubs! The yard needs a ton of work, but it’s a start. And how about that metal “P” on the chimney? I love it! It’s custom made from Vintage Metal Co. Check them out for custom metal signs!

our house after 1

So, there you have it. I hope all of the wonderful mothers out there are having a fabulous Mother’s Day! I sure am! We had church, then lunch with my mom and now just a relaxing afternoon. I’m thinking ice cream or coffee and a drive at golden hour is on the agenda this evening!

Till the next time,