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Egg-Ceptionally Cute Stuff you Probably Need if You’ve got Chickens

How was that for the longest blog post title ever?

So we all know that farmhouse style is all the rage right now, and I’ve noticed people are actually buying up farms all over the place. I think we have Joanna Gaines to thank for this trend. 🙂 At any rate, I was surfing the internet for a couple of things for my nieces’ upcoming wedding and ran across some cute things, so I decided I’d share with you (apparently if you google rustic wedding, you come across this sort of thing…who knew?)

If you live on a farm and you’ve got chickens (I don’t. I live in an English Tudor and quite content at the moment without a farm), I’ve found some cute stuff you probably need. We had chickens when I was a teen, but the snakes always got in the coop, so alas, we said adieu to the chickens. Anyway, moving on…

I’m assuming if you had chickens you gathered eggs from, you’d probably need something to hold them in to safely bring them into the kitchen. I like this cute egg basket.

 This apron would be perfect for collecting eggs and keeps your hands free. And look how cute you’d be…

Egg Collecting Apron

You might like this ceramic egg tray for displaying prettily in your kitchen.

ceramic egg tray

This cast iron egg display rack gives the antique vibe I love. How cute would it be in a farmhouse kitchen?

cast iron egg display rack

If you sell those farm-fresh eggs, I think these next two things are just the cutest!

Look at this cute customizable stamp for egg cartons…

Egg Carton Custom Stamp

Or this custom egg stamp! 

Custom Egg Stamp for Fresh Eggs

I always buy free-range eggs at the grocery store, but if I had chickens that laid eggs, I’d definitely be buying some of this cute stuff! I guess I could still stamp and display the eggs, just for kicks. Anyway, some people think of the cutest things!

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2 thoughts on “Egg-Ceptionally Cute Stuff you Probably Need if You’ve got Chickens

  1. I don’t have chickens either but I hope to someday and LOVE all your picks!

  2. i want to own my own poultry farm

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