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Harrison & Lyla’s 5th Birthday Farm Party {Down on the Farm}

Harrison & Lyla celebrated their 5th birthday a week early at the end of August. I figured since it’s now October, it’s about time to blog about it. 😉

I don’t do parties every year. In fact, other than family get together’s at Chuck E. Cheese, the twins haven’t had a party since their first birthday (see that party here). This is totally just my view, but I don’t want my kids expecting a huge party every year with tons of gifts. I also feel it’s a burden on guests to have to buy EVERY year for the same kids. Especially when I have two at the same party. I feel my kids will appreciate something more when it’s not expected every year. Anyway, that’s just my opinion, so if you’re different, that’s totally fine. Ok, mooo-ving on… (see what I did there?)

I think it’s a little hard to come up with cute party themes when you’re having to do boy/girl. Luckily, I didn’t think too much on this one and the kids were ecstatic about it, so I went with it. And Y’ALL. I decided to do this party TWO weeks before the party date. Yikes. Other than invitations and reserving the bounce house, I did every bit of shopping, crafting and work the week of the party. It was luckily a slow week (except for the fact that we were leaving on vacation 3 days after the party, and I was also trying to get outfits together for family photos). Why do I do this to myself? Ohhh yeah…for my kids.

So, the farm theme was a hit with my kids and I thought it all turned out cute, so here I am sharing. We had the party at my parents place. This is basically where I grew up from age 11: out in the country, but right on the edge of town. Pretty perfect. They have about 6 acres including a small pond…or a tank as Texans say. There’s no animals now, other than some wild turkey, rattlesnakes and a few deer now and then. We had a someone else’s horses at one point and my dad had a few cattle…we also had some chickens, cats and dogs in the mix too. 🙂

So, here we go with the pictures. Here’s the invitation I designed with cute clip art from Etsy. (Source at the bottom of the post)

The food tables.

Y’all, my friend made the cake. She also made the cake for their first birthday party, you can see that post here. All I did is show her a Pinterest picture of a cake the kids picked out and she DELIVERED! In her defense, it was hot and humid, so some of this was melting by the time I got a pic, but isn’t this the cutest? She did fabulous!

I made these food labels and attached with miniature clothes-pins.

Ignore the box of forks I forgot to move in my rush to get pictures taken before the guests started eating!

Brownies cut into circles for “cow patties”.

Chex Mix made for good “chicken feed”, little smokies wrapped in crescent rolls for “pigs in a blanket”,  “pitchforks” in a metal bucket, and rice krispie treats as “haystacks”. That label blew away in the wind….. 

Deviled eggs as “farm fresh eggs”. 

Robbing the kids toy box made for easy table decorations!

My dad let us use his Kubota tractor as the photo booth! I LOVE how it turned out!

I downloaded these photo booth props at the last minute from Etsy because the ones I ordered from Amazon didn’t make it in time. They were easy to cut out and glue on a stick. (Source at bottom of Post)



I couldn’t believe I found a farm theme bounce house! It was perfect and the kids loved it! And of course, we had lemonade and sweet tea!

The birthday kids! Can you spot the evidence of a mouth full of chocolate???

I have the sources listed for these cute shirts at the bottom of the post.

It turned out to be a fun day “down on the farm”!



“Country as a Biscuit” tee

“Cow You Doin’?” tee

Farm Photo Booth Downloadable Props

Farm Party Clip Art

Drink Canisters (similar)

Cow Fabric

Bandana Fabric

Red & White Checkered Fabric

Galvanized Bucket

Farm Bounce House

Farm Animal Figurines

Mini Hay Bales

*This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience. 








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