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Chalk Painted Media Cabinet

I’m one of those people who doesn’t care for a TV sitting out in the open in the main living area of a house. I hate for it to be the “center of attention” in the room. We only have one living area in our home, so when we bought the house, we bought a media cabinet for the black box. We found this one at “Kiss it Good Buy” in historic downtown Grapevine, Tx. If you ever get a chance to shop there, you should! SO many great higher end items on consignment (we also got our antique dining set there). Anyway, this cabinet was white and I was in love with red at the time, so I painted the cabinet “Emporer’s Silk” by Annie Sloan. No judging here, please, as this was my first ever piece of furniture to paint! I look at it and cringe. Anyway, recently, she got an update in white chalk paint and I’m loving it!

Here’s a before pic in the red that I was SO sick of. This picture was taken 3 Christmases ago. That’s the last time I intentionally photographed the cabinet. Since then, it’s mostly been left out of photos!! It’s amazing how styles and decor tastes change over time!

So, moving on to better things….. 🙂

Here’s how she looks today! I’m still contemplating whether I want to distress it or not, and I need to add the finishing coat of wax. But let me tell you just how much I’m loving the change!

I’ve been waiting for months to dress the cabinet up with these beautiful knobs from Anthropologie!

So, what do you think? Better??

Maybe one day I’ll have a second living area the TV can find a home in, but until then, a pretty cabinet will do just fine.

Till the next time,



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Decorating with Fresh Flowers (Doesn’t Have to be Expensive)

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I have this thing for fresh flowers. No, not the big expensive bouquets (though sometimes those are nice, too), but just the simple little bunch you can pick from your yard or buy on a regular trip to the grocery store. This year, I realized I’ve been on a roll and I’ve had fresh flowers every few weeks since springtime. They just seem to make a space happier. And happiness for about $6 is pretty great! 🙂 Almost as great as my happiness in a Starbucks cup for $4.93.

I thought I’d share a few pictures of the different flowers I’ve had so far this spring and summer (since it HAS been forever since I’ve updated the blog). Do I even have readers left??

This year, I have a Hydrangea bush, and though it’s not doing much now, I did have these big beautiful pink blooms. And Hydrangea dry beautifully, so you can use them longer.

I have overcome the world

spring dining room 2017

This bunch of Babies’ Breath caught my attention at the store, was cheap, but I couldn’t handle the smell. I never realized how awful they smell! It was literally making me nauseous, and my kids were complaining, so these went to the front porch till they dried up! I don’t know where they got their name. My babies always had sweet breath. They shoulda named these “toddler’s breath”. My kids have THE stinkiest breath in the mornings. UGH.

spring dining room 2017 11

They got replaced with these fresh twigs/leaves from a tree my hubby was trimming in our yard. Can’t get better than FREE, right?

flowers in the dining room 2017 5

And then there was this cute little bunch my hubby picked up when we had company coming for dinner. He got them at Wal-Mart for $6.

flowers in the dining room 14

dining room 15

And look at these beautiful tulips! These were the most expensive at $10, but they came in a HUGE bunch. I love the way they gracefully drape, but they didn’t last too long.

white tulips 2

tulips in the dining room 1

white tulips 3

When the tulips started getting too droopy, I cut them down and kept on going until they absolutely looked awful!! Gotta get that ten dollars’ worth!! Ha! (And you really can’t see them well in this picture, but hey, it’s a pretty picture!)

spring bedroom 2017 1

Here’s a loner, but still looking pretty in one of the vases we got at our wedding shower (almost 7 years ago)!!! Where has the time gone?!


So there you have it! You CAN have fresh flowers without spending a fortune. Just a couple tips (although I’m not a pro) for keeping them looking fresh longer:

  1. Cut stems at a slant and put cut flowers in lukewarm water and bulb flowers in cold water.
  2. Change the water out every couple days.
  3. Give them food….flower food. They like to eat too. 🙂

My hubby sent me this bouquet from Farmgirl Flowers on Valentines Day this year. They are gorgeous. I’ve always told him I’d rather have something I can keep for the house, or something to wear. But, I’d become obsessed with this particular place, and had told him I’d love to have some. I don’t really think he remembered – I have my BFF to thank…. hahaha….but he came through. 😉 Anyway, in all honesty, though I loved these flowers, I’m just as happy with the simple little bouquets I bring home from the market. I told him he can go back to regular programming next year…..

valentines day 2017 1

So there you have it! Go buy some fresh flowers and see if they put a smile on your face and make the room happy! And check out my links below for some really cute vases. I have the DARLING Kate Spade one, but for some reason, none of these flowers ended up in that vase. It’s holding important things on my dresser….

Linking up at The Chronicles of Home for the Inspiration Gallery.

Till the next time,


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Early Spring Mantel

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Who can believe Spring is practically here?! I’m sure winter will surprise us again with Easter being a little late this year, but most days are feeling more like Spring where I am in Texas.

I changed up my mantel a couple weeks ago to feel more Spring-ish. I knew it wasn’t finished, and probably still isn’t, but yesterday I found these cute little string indoor/outdoor lights in the garden section at TJMaxx. I threw them on the mantel real quick to see what it looked like and they stayed. When it’s too warm for the glow of the fireplace, these lights will do nicely with cool evenings. 😉

I’ve had several ask me about this cute “hello” sign on Instagram, so I  thought I’d share the direct link for it. I LOVE it! You can click HERE to purchase your own!

spring mantel 2017 with lights 2

spring mantel 2017 with lights 1

Aren’t the lights super cute?

spring mantel 2017 with lights 3

I guess at some point, I’ll take down the felt garland that’s been there since fall, but for now it’s staying put!

spring mantel 2017 with lights

spring mantel 2017 with lights 4

Do y’all have any spring decorating done yet? This is about all I’ve accomplished so far….

Happy week-end everyone!


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Wichita Falls Bridal Market 2017

I had the opportunity to style a booth last weekend at the annual KFDX Bridal Market in Wichita Falls, for Rebecca at RCain Photography & Hello Sweetie Design Co. Last year, I styled the booth for Butterstick Bakery and Castle Events. You can check that post out here.

It was fun to be back…It somehow doesn’t feel like work because I truly enjoy it. I thought I’d share a few photos with you, even though I only had my iPhone with me. Rebecca had spoken with me about the look she wanted, so I scoured my attic (which is a mess and resembles a thrift store) and managed to nail the look she was aiming for.

I knew what I wanted to use, but wasn’t sure it would all fit in her 10×10 booth, so I did a little space planning. I did this using a free app on my phone. I don’t have any fancy software yet, but this got the job done (there were no wood pallets in their furniture options either, which is what we were using for a backdrop, so I used bookshelves in place of those). 🙂

*This post may contain affiliate links for your shopping convenience, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting Ellis Jean Design Co. 


After I knew what would work, I loaded up my SUV the next morning in FREEZING weather and it had just started snowing. OF COURSE. The one day I have to be loading furniture by myself into a vehicle…. I think the wind chill was around 3°F. For central north Texas, that’s cold, y’all! Anyway, I got there and luckily, there’s a large garage to pull into for unloading and we had some help!

These pictures were taken before most of Rebecca’s product was added and I didn’t go back the next day. Shopping in Dallas was calling my name. 😉 The plan was to also add fresh pink petite roses in that gold vase, and the stands on the table to the right, but she didn’t have time to stop and get them the morning of the market. Oops.

bridal market 2017 - 4

Rebecca’s husband made the wood pallet backdrops.

Bridal Market 2017 - 2

My niece gave me the Tiffany & Co. box because she thought I might be able to use it sometime, and it was perfect for the giveaway Rebecca was doing! She gave away cookies from Butterstick Bakery that were added to that cake stand.

Bridal Market 2017

Bridal Market 2017 - 1

bridal market 2017 - 5

My little “for like ever” cake topper turned out to be perfect for this event, too! It’s amazing what you find in your own home when you start trying to pull something like this together!

bridal market 2017 - 6

It’s always fun to do some styling and see the end results! I hope to do more in the future and I’m really excited to have enrolled last week in interior design school! It’s not something I think you HAVE to do in order to be good at styling or decorating, but I believe it will help me. And learning of any sort is always a good thing!


I hope you all have a happy Friday!

til the next time,


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Winter Mantel

Hello, and Happy New Year! I hope you all had wonderful Christmas and New Year Celebrations! I love the holidays, but it’s always kind of nice when it’s all over and there’s a tiny bit of relaxation for a few days.

We took down our Christmas decorations over the holiday weekend and finished getting it all put away. I had greenery needles everywhere! And I’m sure any decor fanatic can agree that after everything is put away, the house seems so bare. And I haven’t had any inspiration to do much decorating. In spite of that, I did get my mantel looking presentable….the rest of the house is another story. So I’ll show you a few pictures of what I did yesterday. And there’s a possibility it could change or be tweaked. Y’all know how that is!

(This post may contain affiliate links for your shopping convenience at no extra charge to you. Thanks for supporting Ellis Jean Design Co)

winter mantel 2016 1

I used things I already had, and some was part of my Christmas decor. The sticks I got from our backyard, and that’s beans from our pantry in that pitcher. 🙂

winter mantel 2016 5

winter mantel 2016 3winter mantel 2016 6

I’m hoping to feel a little more inspired in the next few days to get everything else looking normal around here. Happy Wednesday, friends!

Till the next time,