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Fall Around the House – 2015

Since fall is quickly heading into winter, I wanted to show you a little of my fall decor before it all disappears to make way for Christmas decor! I usually keep fall pretty simple, but I think I may have done more this year than I normally do.


If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you may notice some big changes here….I replaced my loud rug with this softer, modern one. I couldn’t LOVE it more!!!!!! I had to talk Hubby into this one since it is ivory, but so far, so good! It hasn’t been to hard to keep clean. I no longer allow certain foods and drinks in our this space, though. We also try to remove our shoes before stepping on it, but that doesn’t always happen.

The other big change….uh, can you see it???  I FINALLY got a baby grand piano! I’ve wanted one most of my adult life! We didn’t think we had a place big enough for one and still keep the furniture we needed more, but I got inspired by this post. One day a couple months ago, Hubby told me he’d found one for a STEAL on Craigslist and asked if I wanted it. UHHH….hello.


She needs a little work, a good tuning and maybe a coat of stain or paint, but she’s beautiful.

Moving on….

I made this “Pumpkin Spice” print on the mantel and had it enlarged at FedEx, then put it in a cheap poster frame. The “Hey Y’all” print is by Stephanie Creekmur, and it’s been around the house for a couple years. If you’ve noticed, it moves constantly!







And  just to prove things aren’t perfect, you can see the cap off of a highlighter underneath this leather chair. My kids play with those things and lose the lids everywhere. I didn’t catch this in my photo, even during the editing!



On to the dining room…


I used that wreath on my door last fall. I just tore the magnolia leaves off that were glued to it. If you use something in a different space, it feels new again!


This crystal cake stand was an awesome frugal find at an antique store!


And here we have my OTHER piano….the one that’s been for decorative purposes only (we never got pedals for it or had it tuned)…I still love it, but since I have the baby grand now, I’ll be getting rid of this one, or using the wood for something.




And to finish up – just a few shots in the kitchen!





I hope everyone is enjoying their last few days of fall. Today feels more like winter here, but it will back to fall during Thanksgiving week! That’s Texas for ya! Don’t forget to think about the things you’re thankful for this season.

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