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New Planner from Hearth & Hand


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Since this is my first post on the blog for the new year, I guess I should say “Happy New Year!”, even though it’s already the 20th of January! Every year I resolve to get organized because organization is NOT one of my stronger points. Honestly, I think organization doesn’t typically come easy to creatives (though there’s always an exception to the rule). There’s certain things I’m organized with (hold on while I try to think of one…ha!), but most things are jumbled. I don’t mean that my house is a mess, or laundry doesn’t get done or anything like that. The pantry could use a good organizing, as well as the kids closet (probably like a lot of you), but mostly, my BRAIN is a mess! I’m forgetful (thank you Lupus) and I have to write things down most of the time or I’ll forget. Last year I bought a cute planner from Anthropologie and never wrote anything in it (thank goodness it was WAY on sale). SO, I’m starting over again this year with a new planner from the Hearth & Hand collection at Target.

I saw this planner a couple times before I bought it and really liked the simplicity of it, and it comes with everything I think I need at this point. I’ve seen a lot of really cute, very complex and expensive planners out there, but I don’t really think I need all that to keep up with my schedule. And this one was priced right!

The simplicity is keeping with Joanna Gaines style.

I love how she puts little house keeping and home decor tips throughout the pages.

There’s space for all your goal planning, too.

Do any of you ever fill out these contacts pages? Miss Organized here never does. BUT, I actually typed up addresses of family and friends a couple years ago and keep it saved on my computer. Go me! I am now well on my way to being an organizational guru!!

How many of you keep yearly planners? I’d love to hear what you use!

Click here to get this simple, but lovely planner from the Hearth and Hand collection!

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