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When God Grants a Miracle…or Two (Happy Birthday Harrison & Lyla)

I can’t believe my little loves are 4 years old today! It’s so cliche’, but time truly flies, even more so after you have children. I was reflecting on the last 4 years, especially after some news I received this summer, and it hit me all over again what true miracles my twinsies are.

I don’t talk much about my health on social media, or here on this blog, but nearly twenty years ago I was diagnosed with Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Add that to severe endometriosis and being 35 when attempting to have children, and you’ve got a pretty good chance at the attempt failing. After one in vitro round I was pregnant (after being told I only had a 60% chance of it working if we implanted two embryo’s), and put in the high risk category. During the first trimester, I rushed to the hospital with problems, thinking I had miscarried. All the nurses thought I had miscarried by all the evidence, and were giving their condolences. But a doctor came in and wanted to double check everything, and guess what? Two heartbeats going strong. I had other scares, an infection with time spent in the hospital, along with some time on bedrest. Then at 34 weeks, I went into a dysfunctional labor and the twins were taken by c-section in order to avoid further problems. Their problems were minimal, but we did have a 4 (Lyla) and a 6 (Harrison) week stay in the hospital. Add all that up and we’ve got two miracle babies here!

Fastforward to this year. Two months ago, I found out I’m at a very high risk for blood clots due to a protein deficiency (most patients with Lupus are at a high risk, but my risks are even higher than the normal Lupus patient). I saw a blood specialist and she was just a little surprised that I had carried a child…much less two, not miscarried due to blood clotting, then had a c-section and no blood clot, then had a hysterectomy with no blood clot. She looked at me and said, “well, I guess you’re doing ok”. 🙂

I know life gets mundane, motherhood can become monotonous, children can use up every ounce of energy we’ve got and try our patience, but I never want to take these kids for granted. I know without a shadow of a doubt that they were meant to be and they’re our gifts from God. They truly are an heritage from the Lord….

I’m a living witness (and so are my children), when God grants a miracle, He knows how to do it beyond our wildest imaginations.

Happy 4th Birthday, Harrison & Lyla. I hope you read this someday and know what miracles you are, and that you will use your life for Gods glory to its fullest potential. Mommy and Daddy love you so.

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(We spent the afternoon doing everything they wanted to do: two parks, drinks from sonic, the mall playground, ice cream cones, then finished off the day with a family birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. What a day!)

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